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Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device
Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device

Gua Sha Ventosas Electric Cupping/Scraping Device

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Gua Sha Ventosas Electric  Cupping/Scraping Device

for Cupping, Anti Cellulite, Fat Burning, Massage, Meridian Dredge, Slimming Instrument, Detoxification, Relaxing Massage, Circulatio


Cupping is an alternative form of therapy that originated in China and is widely practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.) Traditional treatments are typically administered using a glass, ceramic, bamboo or plastic cup on the skin; then using negative pressure to create a suction. The suction is used to facilitate an increase in  the circulation/blood flow, to encourage the flow of qi in the body.  Qi is the Chinese word used to describe the body's "life force."

It is believed that cupping works by increasing the circulation of the blood wherever the cups are placed; in essence, balancing the the negative and positive [yin and yang] in the body to restore natural balance.  


The Gua Sha Electric Cupping/ Scraping/Machine is perfect for home use and is ideal for professional practitioners who prefer the hassle-free convenience of an electric machine. This amazing machine is is extremely easy to use and creates a powerful electronic suction in a matter of seconds.


Explanations of the phenomenon:

Following treatment, Cupping/Scraping Therapy leaves temporary marks on the skin which are referred to as "Cans." The presentation of the cans (color and texture) canned prints are carefully assessed by the practitioner in order to determine the status/health of the body.


  • If the cans are Purple, Black and Dark; generally indicated insufficient blood supply, poor blood flow or blood stasis
  • If the cans Purple and accompanied by plaque: generally indicated cold coagulation
  • When the cans are scattered in purple dots and the depth is one: indicated qi stagnation and blood stasis.
  • If the cans are bright red and bright: generally indicated yin deficiency/ qi and blood deficiency/ or yin deficiency
  • If the cans are red and dark: indicating high blood lipids.
  • If the cans are gray: touch not warm, mostly cold.
  • If the surface of the canned print has a grain or it is slightly itchy:  it indicated wetness.
  • If there is moisture in the inner wall of the tank: it indicates that there is moisture in that part
  • If blisters appear: it is an indication that the body is heavy. 
  • If there is blood in the blisters: it is a reaction of damp heat (Refer to Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM).


 Preparing for treatment:

  • Prepare the desired work space with clean paper towels, washcloths or other necessary essentials to keep the work space clean
  • Disinfect the treatment probe with isopropyl alcohol or saline both before and after each use to avoid contamination
  • Connect the instrument and various accessories to the power supply. 
  • The display panel indicates the status of the light;  once the check is confirmed the device enters into the working mode. 



  • Prepare the desired treatment area of the recipient's body with a skin safe essential oil;  or essential oils which have been properly diluted with a lite carrier oil
  • Essential oils and carrier oils are not included
  • The recipient will need to remove any clothing from the designated/desired area of treatment and recline on a treatment table/ bed for stability
  • Apply an appropriate amount of essential oil or massage oil (EO/MO) to the recipient's back. Use both hands to massage the EO/MO into the recipient's back using a back and forth motion
  • Give the skin a little time (5-10 minutes) to "open up" by allowing the EO/MO to absorb. 
  •  Activate the negative pressure action on the device by clicking the negative pressure probe button.
  • When beginning treatment, the negative pressure knob should be set on the lowest setting; and the temperature should be set to LEVEL 1. 
  • Begin treatment: The scraping or cupping operation can be administered to the desired area; and the temperature and the negative pressure settings can be adjusted accordingly to the recipient's preferred strength.
  • Once the cupping or scraping treatment is complete; wipe off the excess essential oil with a paper towel .
  • Finally, for relaxation and recovery, you can use the vibration massage probe for relaxation and recovery.
  • Wipe off the instrument and the probes and unplug the power.
  • Store the device and attachments in a dry place.


  • *The negative pressure probe and the vibration massage probe are meant to be alternated. One probe cannot be used while the other probe is operating.
  • Click the button indicator to light up and activate the corresponding probe. Click the indicator light again to turn the probe off.

CAUTION: The SPINE (middle) of the back is sensitive and CANNOT BE TREATED OR SCRAPED


2 Treatment Methods:



Scraping should be administered from the top to the bottom; repeating the movement in a back and forth motion 



When Cupping, stabilize  the handle and gradually increase the heat and the suction to range which is tolerable. 

  • Each cupping position should be about 2 cm apart
  • Stabilize the handle when cupping and gradually increase the suction and heat to the tolerance range. 
  • Each cupping position should be approximately 2 cm apart.


Operational notes:

  • Wait at least two hours (after cupping or scraping) to shower or to drink cold drinks 
  • Two hours after treatment: shower with hot water
  • Do not open air conditioners or fans during scraping and cupping to avoid unnecessary air convection 
  • If you are too full, too thirsty or too hungry prior to treatment: do not use scraping or cupping. Wait 1 hour after a meal before having treatments.




  • If the body is too thin
  • If the skin has lost it's elasticity
  • If you have heart disease
  • If you have edema.
  • If you have hemophilia or a tendency to bleed excessively.
  • if you are pregnant 
  • If you have leukemia or low platelets 
  • If you have heart disease, heart failure, renal failure, cirrosis ascites, heart disease, heart failure, renal failure, cirrhosis ascites
  • If you have severe edema in the body 
  • NOT FOR USE ON WOMEN'S NIPPLES (this area is forbidden)
  • Do not use this device on the lumbosacral region (the small of the back or on the back part of the pelvis between the hips) 
  • Not for use by children or the elderly
  • Not for use on skin with the site has an ulceration, injury, inflammation This treatment should not be used if you have a serious illness, serious illness, qi deficiency, blood loss
  • Scraping should not be used if you are very hungry
  • Scraping should not be administered on a anyone who has just finished eating a meal (wait at east 2 hours for the food to digest)