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Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer
Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer

Hot & Cold Ultrasonic Hammer

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    Physical Hot & Cold treatment along with Ultrasonic Vibration with No Side Effects for safe and assured use

    • Alternating between HOT and COLD treatments can thoroughly activate the cells
    • Improves overall skin texture.
    • Alternating temperatures significantly tightens skin, lifts the face, shrinks pores, and eliminates eye bags and dark circles.
    • The working time and temperature can be displayed on the screen (separately) according to the mode that you choose.
    • Easy to operate, convenient and safe to use on the skin daily 
    • Blue photon therapy helps remove acne, eliminates pigment precipitation and removes dirt/ bacteria/ toxins that may inhabit sebaceous gland function.
    • Separate cold/ hot message heads provide entirely different treatment effects.
    •  Ventilated design helps with the heat distribution to avoid and chance of burning.
    • Equipped with power adapter: the built-in EMI filter provides over-current, over-voltage and overload protection.
    • Lights : Blue Light and Red Light
    • Temperatures: Warm 35-55 deg C / Cold 5-20 deg C



    Heating Massage:

    • The 55° constant temperature is diastolic to the pores
    • Promotes blood circulation
    • Speeds up the absorption of nutrition
    • Accelerates metabolism
    • Eliminates toxins
    • Eiminates eye bags and dark circles
    • Promotes wrinkle removal.


    Cooling Massage:

    • The 5° constant temperature shrinks pores
    • Locks-in the skin's water/moisture
    • Enhances Collagen fiber
    • Lifts the skin
    • Promotes elasticity
    • Smooths Wrinkles and Crow's feet
    • Lowers the metabolism rate
    • Eliminates skin swelling
    • Reduces pain
    • Exclusively used for curing a sensitive skin.


    LED Photon Blue Light:

    • Acne removal
    • Eliminates pigment precipitation
    • Inhibits the oils of the sebaceous gland
    • Smooths allergic skin.


    LED Red Light Photon:

    • Promotes collagen and elastin formation
    • Improves full aerobic metabolism
    • Brightens and illuminates the skin



    • Strengthens the Skin's Elasticity 
    • Activates the Cells More Thoroughly
    • Complete Skin Tightening Machine
    • Removes Edema 
    • Total Rejuvenation
    • Promotes the Absorption of Skin Care Products
    • Comprehensive Facial Lifting
    • Reduces Unsightly Pores
    • Eliminates Toxins
    • Improves the Overall Texture of the Skin



    • To optimize the penetration of the cyclical sound waves produced by Ultrasonic devices, a CONDUCTIVE MEDIUM or GEL must be used on the skin during treatments. 
    • Besides encouraging improved conductivity, the gel also penetrates deep into the skin. (Gel is not included.)



    • Do not wash with water.
    • Please do not use the same place for too long or it will cause burns and frostbite.
    • If you have a problem with the skin from use- please stop using it immediately.



    1 x Main Machine

    1 x Power Adapter

    1 x Manual

    1 x Box







    Material: ABS+Aluminum

    Color: White

    Technology: Warm/Cool Sense, LED

    Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz

    Output: 12V 5A

    Hot Treatment: 35-55 ℃

    Cold Treatment: 5-20 ℃

    Machine Weight: 455g

    Machine Size:23*10*2.5cm/ 9.06*3.94*0.98in

    Size: 23*10*2.5cm/ 9.06*3.94*0.98in